Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome to our Web!

For anyone who has either been directed here or stumbled upon us - Welcome!


The resident spiders, Tara and Seana, are both relatively recent library school graduates working in a metropolitan public library system. We are both avid readers and movie watchers, and passionate about our chosen profession. Seana has a background in customer service, retail management, and small business consulting before coming to "libraryland". Tara, with 9 years of varied library experience, is a library swiss army knife relishing the details while maintaining a system perspective.

Why "Spiders in the Library"?

When we first started playing around with the idea of creating a professional blog, it was to augment the things we were teaching to our colleagues and friends. As avid internet users, we enjoy sharing the great web tools that have been developing over the past few years. And as true library geeks, we use many of those tools in ways that relate to books, programming, and professional development. So from perhaps the world's best "web" users, we borrowed Spiders and placed them in our second home, the library.

We hope to cover myriad topics, but you can bet that they will somehow relate to libraries, books and other entertainment media, technology, web 2.0 applications, or some combination of them all. If there's something you'd like us to address in some way, let us know. Leave a comment or drop us an email.

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